Prevent fallback to default language for non-translated fields

Already searched, but could not find - is it possible to switch off fallback to default language if field is not translated?
Found that there was discussions for Kirby v2, but could not find anything related Kirby v3.
Currently if switching languages in panel, then non-translated fields are showing default language text. Client said, that this is too confusing.

Non-translated content is only shown as long as the page is not saved. As soon as you save, the default content is no longer shown. Of course, if you save while the fields are still filled, then the untranslated text will be stored in the content files.

There is no option to prevent the default behavior of showing the default content, which is intended to help translating content. The only option to clear all content from the translation that I currently see is to always store an empty translation when a new page is created.

Thank You! How can I automatically store empty translation on page creation?

You could use a hook that stores empty data in the non-default languages.

Not familiar with hooks, but sounds like idea. Thank You! Will check it.