Checkboxes value in multi-language site is not coherent

I’m working on a multi-language site and everything runs smooth.
Except: when I change a value from a checkboxes group in the panel the change only happens on the current language, while the other languages remain unchanged.
I’m not sure what the intended behaviour is, but I would need the checkboxes to remain the same across all languages. I tried to use trenslate: false on the checkboxes field but it only makes it readonly in non-default languages without updating its value.

I’m considering to add a hook on page update but maybe there’s a simpler way?

Have you tried deleting the values for that field, which are already present in your non-default language content files?
Then add the option translate: false in the blueprint for that field, and then the default language versions should be shown afaik.

Thanks bvdputte, that did the trick.