Multilanguage templates,... propagate values "untranslated"

is it possible to propagate special panel field input/value to all languages/language content files on a site?
my goal is a field value that is the same in all languages no matter where i edit it.


You could assign a value and then make it readonly, or use a hidden field?

The following proposal (bypass) meet your needs, which I can understand very well, not completely:

Define that the input of these fields is only in your default language pages. For this you can complete an appropriate help text under each of these fields.

In the templates or snippets you fetch the contents of these fields from your default language.

“which I can understand very well, not completely”

for values that MUST be the same in all languages… number stuff… in my case a “in stock” value for products on a shop page. the value will be changed programmatically by the checkout controller.

ok, still looking for a solution.

Also very interested in this, and looking for a solution.

At the moment there is a default language fallback when a field is empty: if you enter a value in the default language, it is also displayed in other languages when you edit the page though the panel.
As long as you don’t change that value, it is not saved in the other language’s txt file, it keeps using the “default” value from the default language. But then if you modify the value and save, the new value becomes specific to that language.
So in a way it is “propagated”, but not “synchronized”. So it’s too fragile for your use case.
All this happens under the hood and is not obvious enough imho, it can be deceiving.

using “translate: false” in my blueprint should solve it.

found here:

Is this somewhere in the Docs/Cheat sheet?

No, don’t think it is, but I will add this to our to-do list.

Edit; I added this field option to the docs.