Shared fields between languages

It would be super helpful to mark certain fields in the blueprint as “shared fields”.

Let’s say you have a website in 10 languages and you want to change the field “Background Image” in the panel. There could be a setting in the blueprint that makes the panel change the image in all languages. It’s a little tedious to go through all images and change them. Especially if the client is very picky with images.

No must have but would have saved me a lot of time and would have prevented some mistakes I made (when I forgot one language).

You can use translate: false option. It does not change the value in all languages, but you only define the image in the default language and the value is valid for all languages.

I think I have found it…

Just tested it and it doesn’t work.

Neither the content file for the other languages gets changed nor the template uses the default language settings.

Do I have to manually delete all the fields from the content files?

The field values in the non-default languages should be empty, I think. Kirby’s default behaviour is to fall back to the default language if the field in a non-default language is empty.