Can't open the panel after fresh starterkit setup

I can’t seem to open the panel. I’m using a droplet (DigitalOcean) with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and following this guide -

I’m unable to find the panel in my root directories.

Oh, that is old documentation from Kirby 2 times.

What version of Kirby are you trying to set up?

In Kirby 3, the Panel folder is part of the Kirby folder, not a separate thingy.

I’m planning to use Kirby 3, but I’m having trouble setting it up with Ubuntu/Apache 2.

To install the Panel on a remote server, you have to allow this in your config, because as a security measure, by default creating the first account is only possible locally.

Does the frontend work, including subpages?

This is what shows up at the moment, going to

Since subpages are not working: Have you uploaded the .htaccess file that is necessary for URL Rewriting to work?

The second link behaves rather oddly ok, it’s an image :see_no_evil:

Yea (lol) I took a screenshot.

Where is the .htaccess file located exactly in Kirby?

It’s in the main project folder, i.e. next to the index.php and the kirby and the other folders, see Starterkit structure:

(And don’t use PHP 7.2, it has reached eol and will not be compatible with the new Kirby 3.5 version to be released tomorrow).