Cannot login anymore locally

I worked on the website with my officecomputer locally.
The installation is stored on local folder which is synchronized with a cloudservice.
At home I wanted to continue working on the website with my laptop (same shared folder of the cloudservice locally) and I was not able to login anymore.

I tried to remove the .logins file and removed the session files but it did not help.

Does anybody know what I do wrong?

Kind regards

No, but as a last resort, remove the existing accounts from the accounts folder (or move it out of the way if you have multiple accounts). Then “install” the Panel again, which means, if there is no account left in the accounts folder, you will be prompted to create a new account. After that, you will be able to log in again with that account (and can add existing the other accounts again, apart from the newly created one).

Wow texnixe you are unbelievable fast even outside of officetime :smiley:
And it worked, thanks alot! :slight_smile: