Invalid Login Message with Panel Login

Hey there,

since this morning we can’t log into the panel of our site anymore. Saving work within the panel wasn’t working so we relogged and the login now says: “Invalid Login”. This is happening with all accounts. Any idea how to address this issue?


As a first step, make sure to clear the browser cache and the /site/sessions folder.

If this does not help, you could temporarily move all accounts from /site/accounts to another location or download them.

Then - if you are on a remote server - enable Panel installation on a remote in your config, see docs.

The open the Panel location in your browser and create a new admin account.

If that works, delete that account again and re-add the old accounts.

Thank you very much - after trying that and failing, I switched to another server and everything worked like a charm - I seems to be a server issue we need to check. Sorry and thank you for the valuable information!