Can't login panel after migration

Hey there,

I just migrated my website online ( :partying_face: )
Everything seems ok (almost) except I can’t login to my back-office anymore :confused: I get an invalid login alert.
Though I use the same ID’s as on local server. Emptied cache and tried with the site/accounts/.logins file deleted.

I get this error on the console

Anybody had that problem before ?

Hi Sonja @texnixe

Do you know if this a server problem ? Is it classic ?

I’m not blocked for the moment since I can upload files and content via FTP, but having access to the panel is quite handy :wink:

Thanks !

Which PHP version are you using?


Does the same error still come up after you deleted the .logins file?

Just deleted them (I assume you were talking about /…site/accounts/.logins).
Tried both on and
Doesn’t work better.

It should be the same password as when I was working on local server, right ?

Yes. What you could do, is remove the account on the remote server, allow panel installation on the remote in your config and try to create a new user.

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Make sure the folder site/sessions is empty. I had this problem also a few times when moving sites to server

Thanks for your help again.
I created a new admin user on local server and updated the site online.

I could connect with that new admin account (no idea why), change my main account password and succeeded to connect with my main account.

I had the same problem and realized that I forgot to transfer the hidden .htpasswd files as well.
E.g. : site/accounts/folderXY/.htpasswd
Hope this helps!

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Thanks! This helped me so much!