Problem with panel login after upload to server


I’m having panel login issues after uploading my project to a server. The account folder with just one user was included with the upload, but when I try to log in using the credentials that worked locally, I get the Passwords do not match error.

I have tried and checked the following:

PHP version: Both local and remote are using 8.1
I’ve deleted the accounts folder both locally and remote. Local removal initiated the panel reinstallation as expected, but I still get the same log in screen and the same error on the remote server.
This is my config file (also on remote):


return [
	'debug'  => true,
	'languages' => false,
	'panel' => ['install' => true ],
	'auth' => ['methods' => ['password', 'password-reset']
]; ?>

What should I check next?
Thank you all in advance!


I discovered my mistake (for anyone reading this in the future)

I was trying to serve the project from a subdomain of another Kirby project, and I hadn’t set up the hosting correctly. I was in fact loading the login screen for the parent project, so any of those changes or tests I was trying obviously were having no effect.