No error message, but can't log in

Brand new local install, trying to add user and password but I get this:

I used a Google auto password.

No error message, so no idea what to do next.

If you have a look at the filesystems (/site/accounts), is the user folder created? What happens when you click ok in this dialog?

The folder exists, but it’s empty

when I click OK the modal closes, nothing else happens.

Is the folder writable?

Is there any information in the browser console maybe?

Is the folder writable?

I assume so… how would I check?

Is there any information in the browser console maybe?

Where am I looking?

Which browser are you using, Chrome? Are you familiar with developer tools at all?

yes, Chrome… Only the Elements panel to check how things are written HTML style wise

The console is the tab next to elements

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-12-18 09-51-38

It’s unclear if your server is still running. It seems like some errors come from a moment when the server wasn’t running.
Could you please make sure the server is still running (is the terminal still open where you ran php -S ...? is the php command still running?). Then reload the panel page (to clear the error messages from the console), then try to login again and screenshot for us the console in the browser and also the terminal

Also, after the reload and failed login attempt, in the “Network” tab of the developer tools, look for the request that has status “500”, click on it and tell us what its response was (you might need to click on a “response” tab on the drawer that will open after clicking on the request)

the console gave me this:

and the terminal this:

Everything is status 200

Have you managed to sort this out? The console stuff doesn’t look as if that had anything to do with the Panel.