Can't access to the panel anymore

I tried today to access the panel like I’ve been doing this last week and I can’t anymore.
It tells me passwords don’t match and gives me this console error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)

1. code: 400
2. details: []
3. exception: "Kirby\\Exception\\InvalidArgumentException"
4. file: "/artworld/kirby/src/Cms/User.php"
5. key: "error.user.password.notSame"
6. line: 945
7. message: "The passwords do not match"
8. route: "auth/login"
9. status: "error"

I’ve tried what it appears in other posts here in the forum but nothing seems to work for me (accessing without :88888, deleting sessions, etc)

I’m using MAMP.

Is there a know workaround for that?


Hm, are you credentials correct?

You can delete the current user account folder(s) form /site/accounts and then when you visit yourdomain/panel you will be prompted to create a new admin account.

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That’s true. I had my credentials wrong for some reason.
But tried to reset/delete current user without success.

Now I know how.
Thanks a lot