Can i giveup my Kirby-Licence to another person


i bought a kirby licence and the kaunos theme. i thought it easy to get functionalitiy like bootstrap themes on with a lite cms. But for me its to difficult to get these functionalities. And the themes that may be have all costs 20$ and more and that is a nogo forme because for that money i will always buy a professional wordpress with excellent support. So my question can i sell my licence to antoher person? I understand that then i will have no more rights to use kirby!

That’s sad to hear :pensive: We can always help you out here in the forum and if you have a professional license, you can also get support from

It shouldn’t be a problem to sell your license as long as you don’t continue using Kirby yourself on a public domain.

The Kaunos theme is not sold by Kirby, so I can’t say whether you can transfer your license of the theme to someone else.

Regarding your Kirby license: The Kirby license agreement officially doesn’t allow this (as you can try Kirby out for free without buying a license), but I think that this is alright. But I think it makes sense to tell Bastian about it ( to make sure the new owner is registered and can receive support (if it is a professional license).

But as @texnixe said: If there are any questions left or you need help with Kirby, feel free to ask in the forum, we can help you.


maybe i will give kirby and their community another change. But the negative point that i bought a theme and the developer didnt’t want to implent my future request. I bought some other themes on themeforest and on wraptbootstrap and there a get the support i want. So can you tell me about a developer of kirby themes which is willing to implent new futures to his themes if customers requests?

I always buy a theme which mostly looks like i want to see the final theme. And for that theme i always be wiling to pay.
But if i see a theme like [Bird of feather][1] for 45$ or [K-Theme2 for 25$

[1]: or

then i think the wrapbootstrap or the themeforest themes are more worth to use the the very expensive kirby themes.

I understood that the developers of kirby themes need the money for the time they invested for the work but i had the same problem with the very nice cms contao. There are not so many developers which have nice themes and if you find one you have to pay 100 Dollars for a theme. With wordpress you can get easier/cheaper nice themes.

Okay you can always say that i can learn how to develop a kirby theme but i prefer to buy a theme with support of a talented developer.

Okay maybe i will look how the kirby communities grows up and make it easier for new kirby users to use nice themes.

Kirby and themes is a difficult question. Most Kirby users I know chose to use Kirby because of its simple API and its robustness (no DB, no upgrade problems etc.).

That’s probably why the main target group of Kirby are developers/designers who primarily create custom websites for their clients and don’t want to fiddle with complicated CMS stuff. Basically people who are very good at frontend design but don’t focus on developing backend code.
The other (smaller) target group are backend developers (like me) who are very good at developing custom backend solutions and use Kirby because it provides them with a great content framework they can build clean custom code on top on.
And of course there is a combination of the two groups. :smile:

Both target groups are probably not going to use themes, and this is the reason why there isn’t as much demand for themes as for WordPress. So it’s clear that the rather few themes that exist are more expensive than WordPress themes.
On the other hand I think that $ 50 for a professional theme is still not that much, as that’s probably an equal amount of money as one hour of your work for the client. Building a theme takes far longer than that.

Maybe we can help you with the feature you need in the Kaunos theme. :wink:

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Okay i understand but the problem is that i only want use the theme for me or for clients which are my friends and so i have no 50$ budget. but i understand it is a personal situation of me and not related to growing? kirby client normally.

okay i like that people like you give very fast answers to my questions so may i plan to try to implment myself to integrate for example a nice lightbox plugin like magnific popup or cubeportfolio. and if i have questions howto do i will ask the community to get help. but the next week i didn’t i have time for trying but maybe some week later.

Okay seems to be a nice community here. Thanks so far.

What do you mean by that?

You are welcome. :smile: