License for theme preview page

If I were to develop a Kirby theme, and my website doesn’t use Kirby, and I want to upload a demo of the theme (which is open source), that alone would require a license, right?

Hm, very interesting question.

Generally (based on the license terms) it would require at least a Personal license because you don’t make any money with the theme (otherwise it would require a Pro license).

But you are just showcasing a theme and are not using Kirby for your own content. So I’d say that you don’t need a license at all.
We are always happy about financial support so that we can increase the time we are working on Kirby, but by developing a theme you are also contributing to the Kirby community. So if you want to, feel free to purchase a Kirby license, but you don’t have to. :slight_smile:

Will do so anyway in the future, when my actual site moves to Kirby, so for now it’s good to know that I may present stuff :slight_smile:

God, I love it

@lukasbestle That’s interesting, I was wondering about this too because I’m working on some themes. I intend to sell these themes. The site that will act as a store front already has a K3 pro license + fellowship package. Will i also need licences for the theme demos, as these will be commercial themes?

I guess if you have PRO license already AND subdomains are included, then no?

We’ll probably need to discuss this question in the team. I will get back to you. :slight_smile:

@lukasbestle awesome, thanks very much. No Rush :slight_smile:

We have decided on the following licensing rules regarding theme preview sites:

  • The theme preview itself doesn’t need a license (neither Personal nor Pro, no matter if the theme is commercial or free) as long as the theme preview only contains demo content (once you use your theme for your own site/blog/whatever, that site of course needs a license).
  • The “store front” or site used to promote the theme needs a license. If the theme is open-source or otherwise free to download, a Personal license is enough. If commercial themes are promoted or sold, a Pro license is required. Of course this only applies if the store front site is actually made with Kirby. Promoting Kirby themes on a non-Kirby site doesn’t require a license.

In case there are still any open questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lukas, thats great news :slight_smile: