Bootstrap grid for Kirbytext

I’m a firm believer that layout should not hang out with content, but sometimes it’s just impractical to create a new blueprint field for every text bucket inside your grid. So, I’ve wrote up a quick and dirty Bootstrap 3 grid builder for Kirbytext.

Please, don’t use it on a production site (yet). It’s not battle-hardened, it hasn’t been tested by anyone but me, and my testing has been inconsistent at best. At this stage I’m just looking for people to try it out and find problems.

And seeing that this initial release is “unstable”, I can’t guarantee anything except that the future versions will maintain the documented syntax. I plan to add some more Bootstrap features, and hopefully support nested grids, but I’ll maintain compatibility with the existing syntax.

Also there’s some crazy RegEx going on. I have no idea how fast it is, but if anybody has ideas to improve efficiency, (of the RegEx or the plugin overall) please feel free to make suggestions.