Layout text in columns

Hello Kirby Fans, i’m sure you Know This way to make a Colum



(image: imagefile.png)

But Do you Know a Easier Way to Make a Colum? For Left and Right?

Thanks Guys

Cheers Simon

What do you mean with easier? Some kind of markup for the columns is always required and I think the syntax of the columns plugin is pretty simple. What would you like to use?

a Plugin which make it easier to Create a Right and Left Column, i’m not sure if it works whit a Blueprint Field

What do you need the columns for?

For my site, Because I would like to save place in the editor

Well, of course for your site, but what exactly is the use case? Maybe you can do the layout in the template instead of in the text files.

What Exactly you mean?

Let’s say the layout of your site always has two columns. You can then use two separate fields and output them in columns in your template.

Exactly as @lukasbestle suggests.

and how i have to Build these Fields and the Template

I suggest you look into the different ways of aligning two divs or other elements with HMTL/CSS (floats, inline blocks, flexbox), depending on your use case.

If you need it in a textarea field of the panel you can enable makdown extra and use its syntax like

| Item      | Value |
| --------- | -----:|
| Computer  | $1600 |
| Phone     |   $12 |
| Pipe      |    $1 |


Good luck!

Tables are not columns, that’s semantically not correct.

If you want to layout the text (or anything really from the wysiwyg-editor) in two columns, why don’t you use CSS columns? Browser support is pretty good (prefixed) : .

I’ve made a example: .

I don’t know if you mean this sort of layout :slight_smile:

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Hmm okay thanks guys :slight_smile:

@texnixe helped me with a plugin that you could also use to create column with a shorter markup,and using css columns



kirbytext::$pre[] = function($kirbytext, $text) {
$text = preg_replace_callback('!\(paragraphe(…|\.{3})\)(.*?)\((…|\.{3})paragraphe\)!is', function($matches)         use($kirbytext) {
$customtext = $matches[2];
$html    = "";
$field = new Field($kirbytext->field->page, null, trim($customtext));
$html = '<div class="paragraphe">' . $field->kt() . '</div>';
return $html;
 }, $text);
return $text;


 .paragraphe {
 -webkit-column-count: 3; /* Chrome, Safari, Opera */
 -moz-column-count: 3; /* Firefox */
 column-count: 3;


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. ...

I definitely see what you mean. It’s not as straight forward as other Kirby functionality.
But sadly you will need a tag that defines a column in a single textarea. For one German client I translated the (columns...) to (spalten...). That helped and wasn’t hard at all.

Most of the time I try to define two fields in the blueprint. You can set the width to 1/2 so it’s more intuitive. At least in the desktop version of the panel. It looks like that then:

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Do you think you can say me how you have Build That?, like the Blueprint and the Template, Because that is exactly that what i need.

Just as I described it in the previous post:

  label:     Text links
  type:      textarea
  width:     1/2
  label:     Text rechts
  type:      textarea
  width:     1/2

Super simple.

And how have you Build The Template?