Implement InDesign like grid template engine




I don’t know if you are aware of this great theme/plugin :

I am not really keen on Wordpress, any idea how to implement this grid template engine in Kirby ?


  • website with images in grid like that? Answer: CSS
  • laygridder in kirby panel? Answer: You need to program custom field that will do that.


If you are simply after a Responsive CSS Grid Framework you may want to look into ZURB Foundation or Bootstrap .


Thank you for your answer. Of course I know about these but it is not as intuitive as this for a client purpose.


Yes, maybe I’ll try to convert the code to make it work in Kirby.


better look for/try something like “self organizing” or “responsive” if you want.

Unfortunately organizing content the “inDesign way” want work on nowadays device wilderness IMHO.