Kirby Bootstrap starterkit

For all Kirby and Bootstrap lovers like me out there, I created a personal starterkit which I’m using to a greater extent for all of my projects:


  • Blueprints with enhanced SEO fields and links to Kirbytext documentation
  • Bootstrap v3.3.5
  • Contactform with honeypot
  • Columns Kirby plugin with Bootstrap adjustments
  • Favicons snippet and demo files
  • humans.txt
  • htaccess redirect non-www to www snippet
  • jQuery v1.11.3
  • jQuery snippets for targeting specific classes
  • Kirby
  • Kirbytext documentation with tips
  • Navbar toogle animation styles

This is all the basic stuff I am using for commercial projects at the office. I might be enhancing this starterkit in the future with Grunt, Sass, etc.

Kudos to all good people mentioned in humans.txt, especially my buddy @hallodorban who did the original contactform.

Favicons via


Hello all, I updated the repository: It includes Bootstrap and jQuery via Bower now and basic Grunt tasks for minification. Hope you like it :innocent:

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Update β€˜v20160301’

I switched to Bootstrap-Sass and am using Gulp rather than Grunt now for this starterkit.

More information

P. S.: It’s also pretty easy to use something else other than Bootstrap with this. For a new version of my personal website I’m playing around by having replaced the bower components for Bootstrap with the whole Bourbon family.