Kirby 2.x with Bootstrap 3.x


how do i use kirby 2.x with Bootstrap 3.x? I just copy the Kirby Bootstrap starterkit

to and see a only a blank side then call the site!

Bootstrap is a frontend framework and Kirby doesn’t mind at all how your frontend code works.

The Bootstrap starterkit was created by @NECKRHINOS. Maybe he can help you to get it working.

The downloaded version is missing the kirby and panel folders, so you need to copy them manually from the Kirby Starterkit or update the submodules if your are using Git. Your other option is to clone the repo directly instead of using the downloaded version (again, if you are using Git).

git clone --recursive

Edit: Always check your server error logs :grinning:.

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Hello :relaxed: Cool to hear that people are using my repo. What @texnixe said: You can’t just download the repository as it includes submodules from the original Kirby repository. This is noted on top of the

If downloading manually it is absolutely necessary to include Kirby’s “kirby” folder, including its subfolder “toolkit”, plus the “panel” folder. And all of its contents, of course :wink: Otherwise it’d just be a theme for Kirby but without the actual framework.