Understanding the grid system (Layout/Blocks)

Hi all

I currently have a site in a cms which is no longer supported, it is mainly in html/php and using bootstrap. I wanted to expand the capabilities so I chose to migrate to Kirby. Looked quiet easy but then I got stuck on the blocks/layout part. So far I have a few questions, but I’m sure I’ll have more.

  1. In my current site I use php code throughout the site - I noticed this doesn’t work in Kirby. Is there a way for php to still work in Kirby?

  2. My understanding is that for layout/blocks to work on the front-end I need to setup bootstrap styles if I wish to stay with bootstrap. How do I go about this? Is there some sort of a guide?

  3. Am I better of using the grid system built into Kirby Starterkit?

  4. Are there better options out there than bootstrap which are maybe more friendly with Kirby?

Hi, I don’t really understand this question. Kirby uses PHP in templates/snippets/controllers as well, although it has its own classes and methods.

That is correct. You can find more information in the docs:

Overview: Page builder | Kirby CMS

Overwriting block snippets in particular: Modifying blocks types and custom blocks | Kirby CMS

3 and 4: If you want to get rid of Bootstrap (for which there are good reasons, depending on how you actually use it), then there are different options (own CSS, TailwindCSS), but that’s up to you and nothing anyone can advise. No matter what you use, you will usually have to overwrite (some) block snippets, I think.

Thanks for your reply.

What I mean with php, here is an example I had line to display the year in the copyright
<?php echo date("Y"); ?> and it didn’t work when I added it to the template.php.

Regarding those other alternatives to bootstrap - do any of them work better with kirby or are they all similar?

This will still work.

Kirby is CSS agnostic really, so this is up to your preferences.

That is weird - I just tried again and it worked…

Okay, thank you. I got way more learning to do.