Hosting a kirby site using bootstrap startkit

I’ve been using this starterkit to build a site out and it using NPM to run the site on my computer. Will I also need to do something special once I actually host the site online since it uses NPM and node modules.

I’ll be hosting it through Dreamhost. Would I follow this?

Thanks for the help!

No, you don’t need npm on the server, this is all just for development. When ready, you just deploy the thing.

The repo is quite old and doesn’t seem to be maintained, so be careful, code might not be up to date.

Would I keep the node modules and the gulp files or get rid of those as well since I won’t need them?

No, you won’t need the node module on the server, nor. the gulp file.

  • The .htaccess file is not up to date
  • the templates and snippets use PHP short tags, which is not recommended

Ah that would explain why I was getting 500 errors when I was trying to test host it on my server. Would I download a new kirby starterkit off the site and update the HTACCESS file that way? As for the short tags, I should switch it to standard then?

You can just copy and paste .htaccess from Github.

And the correct way for a snippet is like this:

<?php snippet('header') ?>

On another note, the blueprints are in the old style, you may wish to clean those up too.

The only different I can note with between my blueprint and the ones I see on the kirby website is this:

<?php if(!defined('KIRBY')) exit ?>

So would I get rid of this??
Thanks for all your help.

Yup. Delete that line, delete the blank lines so that the first item is the first line, and rename all the files to have .yml extension rather then .php :slight_smile:

Wait but my files are already YML?

My bad, ignore that bit. they used to have that extension (if memory serves me), hence the php line at the top.

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