Blocks not working in panel on the server

When I edit blocks in the panel, all content in the blocks disappear after trying to save. It works fine on localhost. The blocks content uploaded directed from what’s edited locally shows up fine, but as soon as I edit anything in the page with blocks and save (on the server), even if it’s not the blocks field, the content disappears. All other fields work properly.

I’ve always used apache in the past but the server I’m using this time is using nginx. I did the nginx config, and the www/site folder owner is www-data. I’m at a lost :frowning:

To clarify: Does all content disappear or just the content of the blocks field?

Also, does the content just disappear from the Panel, or also from the content file?

Additionally, what is your Kirby version?

only the content of the blocks field would disappear. The content also disappears from the content file.
Kirby version is