[April fools] New logo for Kirby



For almost seven month we have been talking of how can we make Kirby reach out to more people. Right now the typical Kirby user is a male adult. How can we attract more females and children?

A new logo

I got the mission to deliver a brand new logo. I hired five pro designers to work for six month. They changed the colors, added a mascot and made the logo more soft. Only the research and user group testing took them two month. I’m very proud of them.

The final result


What an improvement! Thank you my five pro designers!

About the mascot

I got some feedback from some people that say the mascot is already taken. I’ve never seen it before in my life. You are just jealous!


This awesome logo is going to be released tomorrow on the getkirby.com as well as all the other places.

Sorry @bastianallgeier if I spoiled this news too early. :wink:


Hilarious :joy: happy april fools day​:joy:


Fantastic. :smiley:
I knew something like this was coming…


@jenstornell definitely seems to be the clichee guy here.

I’m glad though, that it’s much more fluffy now. But can we somehow put a cat in it please? I think in general we would attract a lot more people from all over the internet with that. As a compromise I would also be happy with a dolphin or a koala, but I leave this to your team of professionals.

Can we also make sure it stays red, while keeping the pinkish look? But it should be a green-blueish kind of pink-red, please! And it has to be bigger. A lot bigger! And make it pop. But I’m sure you know what I mean.


@jenstornell oh, and I totally don’t get why the “k” is rotated. Who came up with that shit? Nobody can read that it’s a k that way. Could you please change that? I also don’t like short shadows. It’s 2016! We should either try very long shadows or make it flat. I think it should really be flat. As flat as it can get.


@jenstornell 2016 is also the year of animations. Can we somehow make it move?


@jenstornell I also don’t really like the round corners. They are a bit too rounded IMHO. Can you make them less round but not too edgy? Maybe try triangles. I heard that triangles are the new rounded corners. Can we also keep the general form, but move away from 6 corners. I like 8. But my son’s favorite number is 3. My wife likes 5. Maybe you can find a good mixture of those numbers and convert the form to reflect the numbers?


@jenstornell I’m also pretty sure that there’s no golden ratio in the current version. I’m not going to buy this without at least two dozens of circles marking all the golden ratios. We definitely need more golden ratios.


@jenstornell mic drop!

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Sloths! We need sloths!
Sad to announce that the new Kirby soundtrack won’t be released today. But my mixtape is coming along really well!


@bastianallgeier Now I remember why I don’t to client work anymore. You sound just like my avarage client! :slight_smile:

@distantnative If it’s not bubblegum pop music I’ll be really disappointed. :wink:


You seem to have read all the foreshadowing in plugins and forums posts correctly. In the end, all of us are just Kirbiebers.


That was justin time.


Thats sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Where’s the rainbow :rainbow: ? And what about glitter :star2: ? Apart from this … nice job.


Here’s your animated logo.


Here’s your Kirby soundtrack.


I think the mascot looks a bit distressed there down below the Kirby icon. Can you make it more dynamic to reflect the joy it has when using Kirby?


Sorry, I can not make it more dynamic - I like static CMS.


Also - I did discover this very interesting link how to buy Kirby;


I was always using it for free - now I know how to buy it, please share.