Any public websites shared on github?

I would like to know if you know any public projects published on Github of websites made with Kirby 3. I would like to learn more by looking at how other sites are done, particulary the management of content / snippets / plugin and other related files such as htaccess for example.
A year or two ago, I had found one or two with Kirby 2 and it helped me understand some things that I hadn’t understood.
I think this will allow me to develop my understanding of Kirby more quickly.
Thanks !

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The website is on github. Although it’s not really a “simple” website; lots of niceties can be found there! :wink:

There are a few people selling themes out there (including me) that dont cost alot. You could get a couple of those.

Also some K2 and K3 themes on github that can help to learn.

As said above, the getkirby site is a super ressource!

Here is my page

The page is at

It is my first homepage ever, based on Kirby 3 and bootstrap 5 (alpha 1).
Feedback more than welcome.