Am I using the right kirby feature?

Hej all,

I have a small question concerning logic (or maybe better: choice of tool):
I pretty often use subpages in cases I only need a list of items on an overview page. Sometimes i don’t even need the subpage itself. I just extract the information of that subpage to be displayed on the overview page. The reason why I do this is that i like to keep my panel clean and tidy and also i often need to display images on the overview page (which is tedious to achieve with structure fields from what I read).
Now my inner obsessive-compulsive me knows that there IS a subpage. It’s lurking right after the slash in the URL.
But still I need my subpages to be switched to visible in order to show up on the overview page though.

Is there something I can do about this?

I think I’m not understanding your use case or something here but why not just use markdown to create simple text lists?


- Overview
    - [Kirby](
    - [Kirby Docs](
    - [Kirby Plugins](


I think that if these subpages contain just small pieces of information, personally I would prefer to use a structure field. In fact, I find myself using them quite often for all sorts of informational bits, like a list of features, team members, etc. And handling of structure fields has become much easier with the new toStructure() method introduced with Kirby 2.1 (I think I’m writing about this method for the hundredth time :smile:)

Most of the time they include quite a lot of information like the afore mentioned images and kirbytext formatted texts. I like to have individual blueprints for all subpages so it’s easy for the user to change something without in-depth knowledge of markdown/kirbytext.
If they have to do changes in rather complex kirbytext structures there’s a higher risk that they mess things up.

It’s somewhat related to the discussion about “sections”: things like pages but specifically made to be used as “data containers” for other pages.
I agree the term “pages” can be a bit misleading, and other CMS have “nodes” or other fancy names for “things that can be pages or just parts of pages”.

In the current state of Kirby what you do is totally correct, no need to obsess about it :wink:

You could create a subpage.php template, which just contains:

<? go('/') ?>

Then anyone who tries to access the subpage via URL gets kicked out to the home page.


I already have something like that :). but is there a way to not redirect to home but rather redirect to the parent?
I mean like from back to Best would be to have something generic that can do this with relative paths instead of absolute.

you could just pass $page->parent()->url() to the redirect

err, right. :smiley:

Thank you all!

Thanks, that just helped me a lot, too :slight_smile: