Showing pages and sub-pages in the panel

I would like to list all pages and subpages in my panel - so I can click any and go to edit that page.
Currently I can only list either all first-level pages - or edit my blueprint and list subpages of a specific page.

Is this correct? Because it seems odd not to have something as simple as ‘list all pages’.

One suggestion on this forum is to use RetroTree plugin - which is perfect, except that it gives the error: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘code’)
…every time I open the Panel. It works, but this is obviously not something I can ignore… I’ve tried looking at the code but it seems to be a .js issue, and that’s minimised so I can’t do much with it.

Am I missing something obvious? Is there a simple way to list pages with their subpages?

Yes, currently you cannot use queries in a pages section (feature will be available in Kirby 4)

To only list all pages (without option to also add pages), you can use the pagesdisplay plugin in Kirby 3.

Thanks for the fast response. Can I understand that I will be able to list all pages and sub-pages in the panel, in Kirby 4?
Will this be a fairly easy option (I am not good at code) - or a complicated option for clever people :wink:

Yes, just a query for all pages in the blueprint, not sure if it the best of all ideas if you have hundreds of pages, though.