Seeing subpages on the home panel! Very newbie

Hi! So I just started to learn Kirby, leaning on this one page I made for my brother. I follow the One-pager Site cockbook, and divided by pages, etc. I have a home blueprint like this one: One pager | Kirby CMS

What I want to achieve, is to show the subpages, directly on the home blueprint, to see the content without having to go to each section. This image explain it in a better way:

What I have to do, pages to follow?
Thank you very much!


You cannot show the content of subpages in the current blueprint form.

If that’s what you want, maybe better use the blocks/layouts field to design your page?

Or, if these subpages don’t have a lot of content anyway, you might just as well put all fields in the home blueprints, maybe separate sections with tabs.