How to make subpages

Hello there, sorry for my beginner question.

I have a website with an accordion section. The accordion should be filled with data from pages inside the actual page. How do i create the blueprint for this? When i add a pages field, then i can create a new page for the whole website, but it should be just for this page.

Best, Matthias

Hey and welcome to our forum.

If you want to create subpage for a particular parent page, then you create a new blueprint for this page and inside that blueprint you create a pages section, for example, like the notes or photography blueprints in the starterkit.

Also if you don’t need links to separate pages, you can use this block plugin GitHub - kiahreading/kirby-accordion-block: Semanitic HTML accordion block for Kirby CMS

Hey Roman, this looks very promising, i will give it a try.