A list of books / best practice?

I’m complety new to Kirby and I’ve a question how to structure content propery.
I’ve a list of books - with cover, title , description, date and some more fields.
Is it better to create a page with a “structure”-field and child fields or is there another way (better way) to store the items ?


It depends. The way I see it, there are basically 2 ways of doing so:

  • subpages: when you need to access individual book items via url eg
  • structure: structural listed content in a page

So all contents are represented by pages ? There is no other content type like “items” ?


yes – pages can be anything you want them to be. a third option could be to use files on a page, using the book covers, but i would suggest using subpages and using the pagetable plugin for better management :~)

As @bruno states; a page is a Kirby primitive that can be anything you like (e.g. “product”, “landingpage”, “book”, …). You can give it your own interpretation by using templates.