Structure Content

Hello everybody, I am quite new to Kirby and have a question on how to structure my content. I find the options given by Kirby are quite limited.

Structure of the Content:


Take Action:

  • Links to all Resource categories with category description
  • Link to all Resources

Resource Category Page:

  • Category Description
    -Link to all Resource Tags
  • Resources by Category

Resource Tag Page:

  • Tag Description
  • Resources by Tag

So I somehow archived all of the above. It’s a bit hacky but works. Created some module where you can specify the description of a category for a category id and I fetch that in the resource controller.

I am now struggling to configure the menu. I want “Take Action” to have a submenu containing “Resources” and a link to a specific resources category.

Any help is much appreciated.

Anybody got an idea how to approach this?

I don’t quite get it. Is what you have under Menu your page folder structure?

Are resource categories subpages of resources or just a field in a resource…?

I didn’t answer because I didn’t got it as well :smiley:

I try to approach the structure of the content folder to resemble the main navigation as much as possible. When you get this working, it’s usually straightforward to translate this into a website with Kirby. It’s also less “confusing” later when you attach the panel to it: editors easily find their way in it then.