'Transportable' list of <article>s

Hi, I’m building a website for an academic institution (a social sciences lab), and I’m looking for some guidance regarding a particular problem that I am not sure how best to address with Kirby.

On the site, there is a section resembling a blog (the ‘Research’ section), where the client will publish in-depth summaries of each of their projects (each a subpage of ‘Research’). Each project summary contains a list of links (each inside an ) to posts from external publishers where the project is featured. This by itself is straight-forward, but the problem that I’m struggling to solve is that the client needs a section of the site (a sibling of the ‘Research’ section, titled ‘Publications’) that lists every one of those links / elements in a sortable / filterable / searchable list. I’m not quite able to conceptualize the best way to collect these ’s so that I can call them up and filter them as needed.

The best solution I’ve been able to conceive of is to create a subpage under ‘Publications’ for each , even though there’s no need for an actual page. Is this reasonable? Is there a better, or at least ‘cleaner’ way to do what I need in Kirby?

Unfortunately, you don’t tell us how you are storing these links. But assuming you are using a structure field, then you can fetch all the structure fields of all the research subpages into a new structure, then search, sort or filter them. Or you convert these structure items into virtual pages of the publications page.

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Thanks so much for the quick response, Sonja! I’ll test this and report back :slight_smile: