Pages section with layout tree or structure?

Hi guys,

I’m brand new here, in the world of Kirby.
So far I’m loving it here - besides all the WordPress sites, I’ve been doing pretty well with Craft CMS and Statamic.
Kirby I like somehow better :wink: But I’m just getting used to it.

What I can not find in the very good documemtation is the option to display all published pages, including subpages (!), in an overview. So as a kind of tree navigation.

The Pages section doesn’t provide that, does it? There are the layouts list and cards, but not tree or structure, or so.

Doesn’t that mean that I can only select the respective subpages when I am in the parent page?

So again, I’m looking for a backend navigation to all pages, including subpages. How do you think I can do that?

Welcome to the Kirby world :wave:

You can select subpages in e.g. a pages field:

The pages section itself doesn’t have a tree view. But there’s a plugin you might like: Retrotree Section | Kirby

Ah, so I have to add a pages field into the section to get this kind of list with selectable subpages. Cool :wink: I`ll give that a try. Thanks much!

No, you can’t add a pages field into a pages section. A pages field is for selecting one or multiple pages. I just wanted to mention this because you wrote I can only select the respective subpages when I am in the parent page.

Displaying multiple levels of subpages is only possible by a custom section like the Retrotree Section linked above.

EDIT: And linked below :sweat_smile::point_down:

There’s a plugin that might be useful

Hey, thanks for your answers. Retrotree section I’ll take a look at :wink:
How do you guys do it when you have a lot of nested pages?
Typically my projects have quite a few rather static pages and subpages, often in up to four levels.
How do you get into one of the sublevels to edit pages there or create another page?
For my current (own) project this is not so important, but as a basic question.

I often put a pages and files section in a 1/3 sidebar on every page. Then you can just click through the levels. Alternatively you can search for pages.

Thanks for the nice feedback.
I think I’m starting to understand the concept of Kirby :wink:
A bit unusual, compared to the usual CMS, but pleasantly structured.