2.5.5 Struct. field entries not shown in second. lang unless 'save' there too

This was already reported in another post specifically for 2.3.2 here. Since after updating to 2.5.5 I can reproduce the same issue, I started a new updated topic.

As the original poster states:

  • in a 2 languages site
  • in a page with a structure field in the default lang, I add an instance and save
  • switch to secondary lang, but don’t modify anything or save
  • switch back to default lang, add another instance of structure, save
  • switch again to secondary lang: the structure field does NOT show the latest instance added in the default language, nor any other that we add from this point on
  • saving in the secondary lang shows all instances of structure correctly (this is different from the original post which claimed instead that all instances should be deleted in the nondefault lang, then the page saved)

There seems to be an open issue for this bug.

In our particular use case, the panel admins are utterly confused by the random mismatching. The trigger for this bug is one easy to perform without noticing it or remembering. And although we are using panel flags, it is also easy to forget which language were they at when navigating pages.

All in all we decided to stop using structure fields in this site and won’t use them in any multilang sites, as long as this bug is present, unless a workaround is found.

Maybe the fact that ‘saving’ the non default page fixes the problem once, could lead to a workaround, for example a hook on the deafault lang page that does the same ‘save’ action on the non default lang page?

Thank you!


Thanks for bringing it back up ! I wasn’t aware of this issue and am a bit bothered by this also.

I currently bypassed this using the translations plugin and this PR.

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This is now fixed on the develop branch for 2.5.6. :slight_smile: