Problems with structure field in non default language

Hi everyone, happy Monday!
I’m having some trouble with the structure field in non default language.

I’m working with Italian and German.

First step
I put some entry in my default language (Italian)
I switch to German and everything’s fine.

Second step
I change some data in German. Both Italian and German are fine.

Third step
I put a new entry in Italian. In this language works fine but nothing changes in German.

As soon as I “touch” something in the non default language structure field (= default and non default are no longer the same) my structure stops working properly.

I really can’t find the problem.

Does anyone of you has an idea? I just found out that I have the same problem on two websites. I’m sure the oldest one didn’t have this problem earlier but I can’t remember if I upgraded the Kirby version.

Thank you for your help! Have a nice week. :slight_smile:

This is standard behavior. As soon as there is a translation, further changes to this field are not reflected in other languages, because the field counts as one field and not every entry as a separate field.

Thank you Sonja, kind and precise as always.

I was actually sure that structure field worked differently. I also must say “shit!”. Now I have to re-do some (many, actually) things. :joy:

Better late than never. Now I know and I won’t forget!

Have a wonderful day!

Hey Sara,

I’m sorry I had to disappoint you. The same is by the way true for the blocks and layout fields (saying this just in case).

Have a sunny day, too!

You didn’t disappoint me Sonja!

I just didn’t think enough to the fact that, of course, it is just one field.
Thanks for telling me about blocks and layout fields so I won’t make the same mistake.

Bye bye and thanks again! :wave:t2: