Structure module translation

Hi there, I’m having some issue with the structure module.
I have a multi-language site and if I first start editing some content in the Secondary language the module structure will not be aligned to the default version.
(please see the screen attached)

Is there any way to get the module structure aligned?!

If you start a field in default language, the content of these fields is then shown in the non-default languages to make translations easier. This doesn’t work the other way round.

The only way to work around this would be to use a hook when you start with a non-default language and then write this content to the default language. But then this content is actually saved without being translated.

So the best way is indeed to start with the default language.

Note that this alignment from default language to non-default language only happens as there is no content in the field. So if you already have a translation, the default content will not be “added” to the non-default languages, because the structure field is treated as one entity.