Bug with structure field with multi-language



Hi guys,
I’m having this weird bug with a structure field in an multi-language setup. From time to time (I can’t really tell when it happens) you can’t click the structure entries in the panel anymore. They get displayed normally but when I click an entry I get “Error: item can not be found”.
The only way to fix it is deleting the file in the content folder, recreating it and pasting exactly the same contents. Then it’s editable again.
The structure is the only other field on a page besides the title.

Any help would be very appreciated


What is your Kirby version?

There is this issue on GitHub:

So it seems the problem was partly fixed but still exists in conjunction with empty image field.


I’m using version 2.5.7. It seems like the same issue. So it hasn’t been fixed yet?


Seems it has been partly fixed, if you update to the latest version, you shouldn’t run into this issue anymore, it seems.


Great, I’ll try that. Thank you!