Structure field and multilanguage setup error

I tried to scan through the forum but did not find anything close to this.

I’m using kirby builder, but the same happens with kirby structure field:

  • make a new text entry from the panel
  • switch to another language, click edit on the newly created text entry
  • an error message appears Error The item could not be found

This happens if I first make a new text entry with the site default language, then switch. If I start with the other language, then switch back to the default one, the structure field is empty. I can make a new entry but then when I delete the entry, the panel still shows it, while if I check in the content folder, that entry has been deleted.

How can I go about this? Any alternative?

I’m using kirby modules w/ kirby sortable, and inside each module kirby builder (and now tried to switch to kirby’s structure field).

For now I can upload all the content myself through the file system, but would like to figure if I should switch to another setting before start uploading pages and pages of text with a specific blueprint setting.

This should get fixed with the next release, already available on the dev branch.

Sweet! Can I trust enough the dev release and upgrade to it?

(imminent client deadline)

Just updated panel/app/src/panel/structure/store.php with the suggested edit and seems to work!

I’d first of all test if the fix works and then test all features thoroughly. If it works with your project I think you can use it in production.

Edit: Even better…

Yes, thanks. Will test a bit more now, and in case if the new release will be out in a couple of weeks and this fix does not work out, I can wait and upload the text content from the filesystem.