Structured field - the entry could not be found

Hi there,

at some sites I very often get this message when i want to edit a entry in a structure field:

Is there anything wrong with my installations or is this a known problem. I got this error in several installations.

Hm, I’ve seen this error before and I think there was always a reason, but I can’t really remember what is was. Are these multi-language installations or also single language? What is your Kirby version? I just checked and there is an issue in multi-language installations:

Hi Texnixe,

it’s a single language installation. My Versions are:

Toolkit Version: 2.5.12
Kirby Version: 2.5.12
Panel Version: 2.5.12

So I think thats up-to-date. For me personally it’s no big deal, after 1 or 2 refreshes it works. But a customer of me has complained that.

Ok, yes, that version is up to date. Then it doesn’t seem to be related to the other issues.

Would be good to have some additional information like

  • does this only happen with specific blueprints?
  • are custom fields involved?
  • do you get any JS errors in your console when this happens?