Bug in Kirby 2.5.6 with structure fields




I just wanted to report a “bug” that I just found on Kirby 2.5.6 with structure fields. Previously I tested v2.5.6 RC-1 on a preconfigured multi language page without any (visible) problems. After upgrading today a single language page to the final v2.5.6 release, I figured out a problem with structure fields on the panel.

This is what I get:

It seems that I have to define on my single language page’s config.php a default language, to get rid of this kind of error message.

c::set('languages', array(
    'code'    => 'en',
    'name'    => 'English',
    'locale'  => 'en_*',
    'url'     => 'https://mypage.com',
    'default' => true

Is this a bug or do I need to define a language even for single language pages from v2.5.6+?


No, that should not be the case. I’ll check if I can reproduce this.

Edit: Yep, I get the same error.


I was able to reproduce this as well, however the bug has already been in 2.5.6 RC-1.

But whatever: This is now fixed and we will re-publish a fixed 2.5.6 today. Sorry and thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:


It might already be in RC-1, but I wasn’t able to test it on a single language setup.
As I mentioned, multi language pages are not affected by this bug.

Anyways… Thanks! :smiley:


The re-release is done, could you please try downloading it again to see if it is fixed now? Thanks!


Sure. Yes it’s fixed! Thanks a lot!