WYSIWYG Editor for Kirby2


first - I like markdown :smile:
But in some cases I need a simple way to enter table and other useful html tags.

How to install?
goto https://github.com/fishme/kirby_ckeditor

For that I wrote a small plugin. I used for that the ckeditor, it works for me. And yes I know it is not 100% done, there are some small issues inside. Maybe someone from you can help me to fix that.

Still now, my major problem is the .htaccess. That the ckeditor is working I have to include js files, but in the .htaccess is this rule.

RewriteRule ^site/(.*) error [R=301,L]

I need an exception for “/site/fields/ckeditor/assets/js/*”

by the way - funny is that most of all kirbytags are working. :sunny:

Best David

As far as I know it should be possible to include the js files in the assets in your ckeditor.php, you may want to have a look at the color picker field (https://github.com/ian-cox/Kirby-Color-Picker) or similar for how to do that.

thats right - I used that - but this will not “include” Files

<script src="...">

Kirby read the file and put this directly in the soure code from the page.
And with this currently .htaccess rule it can not work.

Additionally CKEditor includes inside his script also other js files.

I’ve noticed the ckeditor plugin has an issue with cross origin requests. Has someone an idea, how this can be resolved?

Sometimes an editor asks me for advanced text formatting features, thats why I’m interested to have this option with Kirby.