Frontend Editor Preview

Hey all,

I’ve been working hard to try bring a frontend editor for Kirby. It’s based on top of ContentTools.

Here’s a preview of what I’ve got so far:

Let me know what you think and what suggestions/concerns you have. It’s still in early development but I have big plans for it if there’s the support for it.

Cheers all!


Amazing :+1: I liked so much!

Looks pretty cool.
How is the data saved, is it html or can we save it as Markdown?

At this stage it is saved as HTML but I’m looking into ways to still allow the use of Kirbytags etc when editing.

I’ll be looking for some beta users soon if you, or anyone else would be keen.


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Looks promising and might be really useful for some sorts of customer projects. Looking forward to testing it. :smiley:

love the idea of this— i’ve been trying to do some basic integration with ckeditor or redactor.js on the panel side and so far have been having a ton of trouble. curious where this implementation is at!

Hi @JagDogWeb,
Has this project been abandoned ?

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Yes, please!
That could be very helpful! Any news?

A year later, how is this going @JagDogWeb?
It looks so promising!

Long shot here—but I am interested why @JagDogWeb abandoned this, what kind of issues did you have?

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