Why my blueprint doesn't work online (but works in localhost)?

hi all,
i am working on a website for one of my friend, a barman :slight_smile: (a great one).

i design a blueprint that work on my offline server (localhost),
but when i put online the website, trying to edit the page by admin panel,
it doesn’t work (check the screenshot).

can anyone help me to understand the reason? :slight_smile:
thank you.

offline and online screenshots:

here the blueprint:

Looks like the page in the first screenshot is using a different blueprint, check the name of the text file.

Also, make sure that you don’t have any extra content files (e.g. without language extension) in the folder.

the blueprint is drink.php, under drinks.php (the mainpage)

Yes I understand that, nevertheless make sure that all file names are correct and that you don’t use content file file names without language extension in a multi-lingual installation.

is it possible that the blueprint file is “drink.php” but it should be “Drink.php” and the missed uppercase is the reason for this error?

Only use lower case file names!

ok, this could be the problem, i will notify you if is it.