Cannot find the Blueprint for a Subpage

This has to be so simple I’m missing it. I need to adjust the fields for my subpages and can’t find the blueprint. This is what I see for the panel for my subpages:

and I need these fields in my Blueprint / Panel for my pages/subpages.

Is this possible, I would assume so…

I’ve searched the docs and online.

thanks for your help,

check out the filenames … your txt file needs to have the same name as a blueprint. it pretty much looks like that the default blueprint is getting loaded.

so if you have a shoparticle.txt, the blueprint with shoparticle.php inside the blueprint folder will define all fields.

After hours of losing my mind trying to figure this out.
I Just found out everything was correct and it was all some strange glitch.
Thanks for speedy reply sir.
I really appreciate it.