Panel – Can’t see the blueprint of a page which has children


I’d like to let the user of the website the possibility to change everything in the website, and i’m stuck with pages which have children. For example, i made a page Team with a specific blueprint and a subpage for each members with another blueprint.

In the blueprint of the page team, when i set the pages:true, the blueprint for the Team page disappears. When i set pages: false, i can see the blue print for the page, but i can’t access the subpages.

I’m totally stuck here.

Any ideas where to look?

What do you mean by that?

Look at Kirby docs > Panel > Blueprints > Templates for subpages.

Hint: avoid “pages:true”!


i turned it every way round, can’t find the right way to have the panel for the page and the access to the subpages

What’s weird is the way the dashboard appears on the local host and on the server, too.

looks like i dont have the same panels options.

Any idea why the panel is different too? I just copied the whole folder on the server…

Thanks a lot for your answers.

I still don’t understand what you mean with

Do you mean that the fields of the team page can’t be edited/the team page does not have the fields you expect? If you, could you please post a screenshot that shows the issue?

Here we go with some screenshot:

on localhost:

on a server (online)

It looks like i have no problem on the server but it’s broken on localhost

(sorry for the multipost but i can’t have multiple images on a single post since i’m a new user.)

Thanks for the screenshots. It looks like there is a client-side error (that may be caused by the server). Could you please check if your browser’s JavaScript developer console shows any errors? If so, please post a screenshot of them as well.

PS: I also upgraded your permissions to a basic user, which means that you can now upload images.

Thanks a lot for looking into that.

The console shows no error, Javascript or else. Everything seems fine.

I tried another browser, with the same issue.

But if it’s a server side error I’ll check my localhost install.

Thanks for having me upgraded.

Have you checked the local server php error logs as well?


Thanks a lot, never used the apache error log, now i know it exists :smiley:

Here is the error :

[Thu Sep 17 06:41:07.660992 2015] [:error] [pid 52974] [client ::1:54715] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ctype_digit() in /Applications/AMPPS/www/iaa/kirby/toolkit/lib/escape.php on line 30, referer: http://localhost/iaa/panel/

but i dont know what it means.

Sounds as if ctype functions are disabled/missing from your localhost configuration?

Edit: Check your phpinfo and enable in php.ini, if disabled.

Welcome to the world of the php extensions.

I never heard anything about that.

it’s working.

I owe you guys pretty much. Thanks a lot dear lifesavers ;D