Add a subpage within the Panel

Hello Kirby Folks - I need to create a subpage from a pre-existing page, however the page menu doesn’t display like it does on other pages: panel page. Is there a setting somewhere I need to be aware of to enable this? Thx in advance - Jess

How does it display the menu then? Please verify that creating subpages is not disabled in the blueprint of the pre-existing page.

Maybe …

pages: false

… in the blueprint is the reason?

That is where I first looked…I couldn’t find a blueprint for the page in question. I’ll look again, thx lukas - oh, the menu image was from a page that does allow subs…for illustration purposes!

I’m going to look thru there again

The blueprint is just NOT there…Or maybe the original developer gave it a non meaningful name. I’m off on a hunting trip now

So…The blueprint for this page doesn’t exist. Can I just create one? How is it called/assembled when the page loads?

Without any plugins like Kirby Architect the blueprint is only important for the panel. It defines all the fields (and some more settings) for the backend form.

Blueprints are the counterpart of each of your templates. They create individual forms in the panel which make it easy to insert the required data. Blueprints offer a wide set of options to customize those forms and even provide help to panel users while they enter data.

The name of your content textfile defines which blueprint should be used in the panel, e.g.
When editing /content/mypage/news.txt the panel will use /site/blueprints/news.yml to render the form.

But I never thought about what happens, when a blueprint doesn’t exist!?

But I never thought about what happens, when a blueprint doesn’t exist!?

When a blueprint doesn’t exist, Kirby falls back to the default.yml blueprint. So, @bigcat, that’s where I would look.

However, keep in mind that editing that blueprint will change all of the pages that use it. Hence, depending on what you need, it may be better to create a new blueprint that has the settings you need.

Makes sense. Same happens with missing templates.

Thanks all, looking at this now