Panel / blueprint questions

I’ve built a few sites with Kirby, but I’m just starting out with the Panel (had no use for it before now), but there are a couple of things that I’ve either got the wrong end of the stick with, or are weird (to me) by design - if anyone can shed some light, it’d be appreciated;

  • I have 3 types of content, but the parent folders do not need all the same fields as the children created for each type. Do I have to specify a stripped down blueprint for the parent, and a similarly named, fuller blueprint for the child? Is there a way to have the parent just be a holder for the list of children (otherwise it’s a bit confusing/redundant for end users)?

  • Is there a way to hide (or separate) pages from the menu in the panel, for non-admins? I’d rather they not be able to change the ‘static’ pages (error/about/etc), but everything is treated equal it seems.

  • Can non-admins be restricted to no be able to add/edit top level pages?

Sounds like I might be expecting a bit more than Kirby is designed to do from a CMS point of view, but just a few tweaks (or options) would make it much more admin/user friendly…


Edit: This plugin solves one of my problems, I think:

Only with CSS at the moment.

  • You should use a different template for your parent page anyway, as it works differently and displays different stuff. A different template then equals to a different blueprint.
  • There’s currently no permission management and enforcement in the Panel, but that feature is being worked on for a future version.