Tags Autocomplete not working on live server

Hi there,

I am using the blueprint field tags with an index for templates. Everyhting works like a charm on my localhost, but once uploaded to my live server, the autocompletion does not work anymore.

Anyone any ideas where this could come from?

Many thanks,

Are you using camelCase for template names? Do pages with this template exist on the server and do they contain tags?

Do you mean camelCase for the template file-name such as TEMPLATE.php or for the template title inside the blueprint, e.g. title: Template?

I mean something like templAte.php for a template name.

Ah, I see, you mean something related to bug 1145?

No, everyhting is lowercase. The only thing I could find is a field containing a number, but this is’nt a tag field.
I already checked my network connections in the browser dev panel: everything is loaded and processed.

No, I mean that you shouldn’t. use camelCase in template, blueprint etc. filenames in general.

I checked all filnames, blueprint field names and templates…but 100% no use of camelCase on my side.

It’s weird, because i can only reproduce it on my live server :frowning:

Maybe this screenshots from the network calls help?



That looks like an encoding issue…. What encoding is used on. the server?

Is your live setup protected by a htaccess login? If so, this could be the reason for that, as requests to a JON API from a form field do not send credentials when making the request.

hey @texnixe and @fabianmichael,
you were both right. the issue was related to the encoding of the server.
and the solution was a change in the Kirby .htaccess file by adding:
php_value arg_separator.output &

many thanks for your help and ideas!