Tags autocompletion in blueprints/users doesn´t work

Hi there,

I have added some custom form fields for the users of a site I´m just working on.

One of the fields is a “tags” field. I have tried all 4 available index options for this field, but the field doesn´t display any suggestions, while I type. I´m on Kirby 2.2.3 and yes, I have already created some users with content in this tags field, to “feed” the suggestions :wink:

Any ideas?

Could you please try if the development version from the develop branches on GitHub fixes this issue? There were several fixes concerning fields in user blueprints.
If it does, the fix will be included in the next Kirby version. There will be a beta at the end of the week.

Hi Lukas,

thanks a lot. I`ll wait for the 2.3 beta / 2.3. Combining the panel from the develop branch with my 2.2.3 installation throws an error “…page could not be displayed, too much redirects…” or so in Safari.

All the best


You would have to update both the Kirby core and the panel …

O.K., thanks, one reason more to wait :wink:

Well, no. You can do that already by updating the Kirby core and Toolkit to the develop branch as well.

O.K., just did a quick test: Updated core, toolkit and panel with the files from the develop branch.

Unfortunately, still no suggestions/autocompletion in the tags field.

Yes, I can confirm this and created an issue on GitHub.