Kirby UI - Tags Field/Input in panel issues

Hey, I wonder if anyone can help with an issue i seem to be facing - I’m using the tags field from the Kirby UI kit and not sure if this is the intended functionality or whether something is going wrong from my end.

In my plugin I have a tags field which I’m using to auto generate tags from page content. This side of it is all working fine, I have the generated tags appearing in the tags autocomplete section and i can click them to add them to the tags field.

The issue is when i come to save the field, it’s saving as yaml and not a comma separated list. I can see why it would be doing this as it has a text and value options in the autocomplete but it then means i can access the field as I normally would with tags.

My blueprint for the plugin is this:

        label: my-field-label
        type: my-plugin-field-type
        query: the-field-im-querying

The Vue component taken from the docs:

    v-model="tags" // this is referencing an empty array
    v-bind:options="get_modified_query" // this references a computed property which modifies my data array

This is how its being saved in the txt file:

      value: value-1
      text: value-1
      icon: tag

    value: value-2
    text: value-2
    icon: tag

Any pointers would be appreciated! If this is the intended functionality which i suspect it might be then I should just access using toStructure()? right?

I think the important information here is missing: the PHP part where you define what to store in the field.