Tag field separator inconsistency in panel

You can chose the separator for tag field in blueprint, useful if your tags contain commas for example. Works like a charm. Now, in panel, the autocomplete of tag field validate your tag as soon as you put a comma in your word.

It’s just in the UI, and the tags are separated with the right separator in text file when saved, even if you use a comma in the tag field.

If your tag separator is a semi-colon you still can do my;list;of;tags but then you don’t get the autocomplete (tags are separated after hitting the save button).

Maybe the autocomplete / skip to next tag have to be triggered by the separator set in blueprint and not always a comma?

This is a known issue, see https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues/759. However it seems to be a bit hard to get right because of cross-browser issues.