What software do you use when you need a relational database?

I have been experimenting with Kirby and I really like its simplicity and the panel. Compared to working with Wordpress I find it much more logical, transparent and straightforward to work with. However, sometimes you really need a database, which Kirby supports but then you will have to code a CMS yourself. So I’m wondering, what alternatives do you guys use when you need a relational database? Does anything come close to Kirby’s simplicity? I have looked into ProcessWire, which is similar to Kirby in some ways (and very powerful), but I find its backend way too complex for handing over to clients. Any suggestions?

It is actually pretty easy to use a database with Kirby: http://getkirby.com/docs/toolkit/databases
It’s not mean to replace the flat files but combined with Controllers and Pages Models you should be able to build some pretty advanced stuffs.


Yes, I agree that Kirbys database is probably the way to go. Would be strange to have two CMS:es for one site, I think.

How does it work?

However I’ve thought about it and how does it work? In real life?

  • How do you edit the data in the panel? Or don’t you do that at all when using a database?
  • Can a database result be converted to the $pages object?
  • How do you add the urls with a database page? Using routes?

I have not seen a full solution / tutorial of this. Would be interesting to see how you can work with databases in the best way possible, using as much of Kirby core functions as possible.

No suggestions at all? Oh well, I decided to give Processwire another go. Together with the Reno admin theme, the backend looks very clean and modern, and it’s also got a great API that is very similar to Kirby. I am enjoying playing with it again.